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Cycle Boats

A trident pedal cycle boat is also known as a Paddle Pub or Cycle Boat. It is a paddle wheel pontoon boat powered by the passengers.  Our boats have 12 “bike-style” pedal stations that drive the paddle wheel at the rear.

Why Us?
Durable Crafts

Our cycle boats are made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity.

Customizable Options

With us, you are the captain. You have the ability to choose from different colors to create a unique identity, meaning our cycle boats can be customized to fully meet your business needs.

Fun Experience

Buying a cycle boat from us will add a fun and unique experience for your customers.



Most Cycleboat 32 Cycle Boat and Party Bike operators run private or public-passenger tours for 1.5-2 hours at a time.
Paddle pub cycle boat in Florida waters


Introducing our Neptune 16 cycle boat. This exceptional vessel is just what you are and your pedal-powered business needs to take things to the next level.
Back view of pedal-powered boat in Florida waters


When your business purchases a cycle boat from TourCraft, you can expect a unique and exciting experience for your customers. Our cycle boats are made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. They can be customized to meet your business needs and branding requirements. You can rest easy knowing that we are committed to providing you with excellent customer service and support throughout the entire process.
Customer Satisfaction Guarenteed
Environmentally Friendly
Quality Assurance


It all started with Paddle Pub, a pedal boat tour operator company we started just a few years ago. Things were going great, but we had a problem; the boats available on the market did not offer the quality, passenger capacity, features, or price point we needed for our business. Finally, after nearly two years of research and development, TourCraft was born to create what we needed.

Group of people in paddle pub cycle boat in Florida water
Group of people smiling while riding on black paddle pub


This is where you can find the most common questions quickly answered, if your question is not here, feel free to contact us.

On our custom pontoon party boats, all railing and gates are sanded and powder coated for a professional look. Our vessels have two 24″ on the port and the starboard sides as well as an ADA approved 36″ gate at the bow.

If you will be operating in Coast Guard controlled waters, we build your commercial party boats to the full specifications needed to be COI’ed in your market. We have over 20 years of experience working with the USCG and can rest assured you will be guided through the process from day one.

Our cycle station has seating for 12 pedalers & includes a built-in cooler holder with drains and cupholders. It also comes complete with a corians bartop. We use high-quality bicycle components & a stainless steel drivetrain to ensure a smooth pedaling experience all the way back to the paddle wheel.

Our custom power coated paddle wheel is controlled at the helm by two marine-grade hydraulic rams. The wheel can be moved out of the water to allow operation without pedaling & also controls the difficulty of the pedaling of the cycle boat.

All aluminum fabrication on our cycleboat is sanded & painted with a high-quality customizable powder coat.

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